5s Concept in Current Offices

5s Concept in Current Offices:- The concept of 5s was introduced firstly in Japan after the Second World War exactly 60 years back. It was firstly implemented in factories and industries where there was actual need of planning and organizing. The 5s concept refers to sorting, cleaning, arranging, standardizing and commitment with self-discipline.  Today offices are converting into 5s office to reduce the stress and chaos in the premises. Clean and safe environment would make the staff work productively. Thriving and productive environment would lead to proper attentively and healthy working conditions.  Achieving the target and goals of the organization would become easy.

Therefore, if you want to adopt 5s concept, for a 5s office premise you have to first start with cleaning up your office area for reducing wastage and chaos in the office is very essential. Sorting of items in the office desks which are not useful or less useful can be disposed off. This would help you in finding the right files and documents when needed. This would help you save time which you would have taken to search the file or document from this whole lot. Set in order these files and documents so that you don’t get confused and stressed out when your boss asks for some important documents. Use labels on cupboards and drawers to know exactly the location of files and documents when needed.

The labels would work as visual reminders for you and other staff too.  Decide one day of the week as 5s concept day and clean up your own desk, computer and cabin. This would make you feel fresh at work and also breathe healthy. Ask the organization to keep the office clean and healthy by wiping up the dusty areas of office. Standardization would help you to develop procedure and their implementation in the office. A strict and compulsory procedure would make the work faster and effective. Every office needs some discipline and standardization would help to implement it. To sustain with the burden of working in the office, try to complete your paper work on time. Do not let the work accumulate for days together. After implementing all the concepts of 5s office in your office, you can achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.