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April 28, 2012 By: Riya Category: Construction, General, Home & Family

A new lottery 2013 scheme is introduced by MHADA which will be considered as ‘Mhada Lottery 2013 scheme’ for this year. It will kick off in this year 2013 in the month of May and June with total 4247  mhada Mumbai flats. More than 57% of  total flats will be available in Virar area of […] more

Mhada Online application 2012 |MHADA| Mhada Lottery 2012 | Mhada Home booking 2012 |Mhada Forms 2012 |Mhada Flats

May 31, 2011 By: M Gupta Category: Home & Family

MHADA has declared new Mhada Lottery Scheme 2012. (Mhada low cost Flats) The scheme will be open soon in the month of May and June. To book Mhada Flats submit Mhada Online Application for Mhada Lottery Scheme 2012. The lottery will be for around 2300 new low cost homes in Pawai & Tunga Areas Of Mumbai. Again here for submitting your application for Mhada Lottery Scheme 2012 you will have to Submit Mhada Online Application Forms (for Booking Mhada low cost Flats). more

MHADA Online Home Booking /Home Booking/Mhada Online Application / Guidelines for Filling Online MHADA Online Application Form

April 26, 2011 By: M Gupta Category: General, Home & Family

Step-by-step process to Book and Apply Online for MHADA Low Cost Flats 1. Log in at the official website of MHADA here: MHADA Official Website 2. Fill in the MHADA online Application Form for MHADA low cost flats. 3. You will get an acknowledgement slip. 4. Take the slip along with your photograph to the designated Bank and pay the earnest money deposit for the MHADA low cost flat more