What is 4 Color Printing???


Color printing has become an integral part of today’s business world, as it is the best mode of advertisement for the service or the products that a businessperson wants to sell in the target market and 4 color printing is used for this purpose. Nowadays, it is quite difficult for a businessperson to establish himself in this highly competitive world of business if he does not take the help of advertisement. Advertisement is required to draw the attention of the people towards the product or service that he wants to sell, as, it has become the easiest and most convenient method of attracting people towards the service or the product that one wants to sell. 4-color printing is the developed method of printing or the basic ingredient that is required for high quality printing.

4-color printing does not mean that printers use only four colors for printing but 4-color printing relates to the use of color combination that will make the print richer and more attractive than ordinary printouts. The method that is used for transferring the color printing from the digital file to a form of hard copy using full range colors is 4-color printing process in which printers utilizes four basic colors like magenta, cyan, black, and yellow for the printing process. In 4-color printing, the mixing of colors is not the same as we do in paintings where we mix two or more colors to obtain a new color.  On the contrary, printers use semi transparent method, which is laying the inks utilized in 4-color printing on top of one another with different intensities to obtain the desired effect. This layering method produces the different hues required by the printers in 4-color printing.

This does not mean the hues obtained in 4-color printing is dull or does not have the desired effect as the final printout utilizing 4-color printing has the same shiny and glossy effect that we normally see on magazines. The printers have to utilize various steps in a series in 4-color printing to obtain high quality printouts through the commonly known CMYK process, as these are the basic color pigments utilized in 4-color printing process. This way the printers obtain the exact resemblance of the design or the logo that they have to print according to the orders placed by their clients. Many technicalities are involved while sending the file for printing to the printers as your computer should have the mode of sending the file in CYMK mode if you want the exact replica of the design that you have sent for 4-color printing.