The Signs and Symptoms of Teenage Stress

In today’s competitive society, stress is something commonly found in a teenagers life. Along with the competitive society, teens are also going through some dramatic changes in their life that make them feel odd and, as a result, add even more stress. Each day they are trying to adapt to changes in their life, school, school activities, social life, and, much more. However, for some teens this stress can become so overwhelming that it disrupts their everyday life. To better understand teen stress and how to deal with it, both teens and parents need to become aware of the signs any symptoms.

Physical Symptoms

A lot of times stress in a teen’s life can lead to a variety of different physical symptoms. Although occasional stress in a teen’s life only causes temporary symptoms that quickly go away once the stress disappears, there is a dangerous level that teens and parents need to be aware of. This dangerous level can lead to a wide variety of different physical symptoms which occur quite frequently. If you find that your teen is experiencing these physical more often than normal, than they may have a dangerously high level of stress in their life and should have some kind of counseling.

Mental Symptoms

A lot of times in a teens life stress can cause a variety of different mental symptoms. However, prolonged stresses in a teen’s life can lead to such things as forgetfulness, low concentration, and others. Also lower grades than average can also be a sign of these symptoms and, can suggest that the teen has a high amount of stress in their life. Although it is common for some teens to have this type of stress in their life, if it is prolonged it can cause big problems.

Emotional Symptoms

What a lot of parents may not realize is that stress can have a major effect on their teens emotional health. Stress can lead to a variety of different symptoms including; sudden bursts of anger, crying fits, and easily irritated among others. However, if your teen seems to be having problems controlling these symptoms they may have severe stress in their life. If your child has frequent screaming fits, or shows signs of violence their stress may be too high.

Disorder Symptoms

When your teen suffers from a high level of stress it can quickly lead to a variety of different disorder symptoms. Things such as insomnia are often signs that your child is suffering from too much stress. Frequent nightmares is also a big trigger caused by too much stress. If your teen shows any of these symptoms you should consult your physician for a referral to a counselor.