How to save electricity bill? This is a problem faced by many people around the World. If you are serious in cut down your unnecessary electric bill, then you have to follow some instructions. Try to switch off the electronic instruments if you are leaving the room whether it your office or home. In your home and office always use CFL instead of ordinary electric bulbs. Even though the price of CFL is higher compared to ordinary electric bulbs, CFLs last longer.

Use electronic chokes in tube lights instead of ordinary chokes. You will get forty percent in saving the energy. As a result, there will be reduction in electricity bill also. Instantly electronic chokes starts working, when you switch on the plug. With the use of electronic choke, life span of tube light will increase. No starter is needed. In the refrigerator, do not place the hot foods. Before placing the food in the refrigerator, let it cool down to room temperature.

To reduce the electricity consumption, use 5 watt CFL in toilets and bathrooms. In the electricity bill, CFL give you good saving over the span of two years. CFLs are available in different shapes and sizes. Which one to choose? This is a question to many people. In units of Kelvin, CFL bulbs are rated. Softer light will be there for Kelvin ratings between 2700-3000 of CFLs. For getting brighter light, Kelvin ratings of CFL should be between 3500-6000. Select a front loading model of washing machine while choosing because for each load, forty percent less water is needed than conventional top loading models.


To the edge of the rotating tray, place the food in a microwave because compared to the center, microwaves interact more energetic level on the edges. If you don’t get proper voltage for air-conditioner, you can use good stabilizer. Near to a heat source such as dryer or washer or radiator etc don’t place your refrigerator. Try to shop a refrigerator or freezer with 130 litres of capacity which is enough for the family’s needs. Another way to save electricity bill is like household electricity consumption can be saved up to seven percent by using CFLs everywhere.

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